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Get 10% off tapware when you order tiles and tapware together. Use the code YABBY10 (T&C apply)


Florence Kelly

 Picking the tiles for your space can be super exciting. But what is often overlooked is the selection of your grout colour and the nitty gritty details that come along with grouting your tiles.

Three Birds house 12 Grout Newport mini in Bone used with Mapei Pink Powder grout in Three Birds house 12 renovation.

So what is grout?

Grout helps hold your tiles to the walls or floor and acts as a sealant to help prevent water getting in behind. Is it essential when tiling? Absolutely! But it does not have to be a bore. You can add an extra element to your space and play around with different shades, colours and the width of your grout lines.

Grout lines:

Play around with the grout lines and how much you space them out. The standard for tiling can be anywhere from 1.5mm-5mm. But our friends Bonnie, Lana and Erin at Three Birds did varying grout widths for the main bathroom in house 12 with our Newport tiles, and we’re loving it!

If you were looking at our Newport range of tiles and your stuck on how thick your grout joint should be, you could just skip it all together! The handmade edge works perfectly as your grout joint.

Newport mini in Sky Blue used with Mapei Silver Grey grout in Three Birds house 12 renovation.

How do you pick the right grout colour for your project?


There is no right or wrong answer. It really depends on the look you’re going for. Do you want the grout to blend so the tiling looks seamless? Do you want it to contrast to make a bold statement? Or complement your other tile choices?


Floor: For that seamless look we recommend trying to match your grout colour as close as you can to your tile choice as possible.

TIP: Avoid white for your floor tiles, its just not practical! We suggest no lighter than silver grey

Potts Point 600x600 used  with Mapei Silver Grey grout - Project  by Future Flip 


Bondi in Tan used with Mapei Beige grout - Project  by Three Birds Renovation

Redfern in Grey used with Mapei Manhattan Grey grout - Project  by Future Flip 


Whether you’ve chosen a white kit kat tile or a subway for your walls with matching white grout it’s all about the texture and the pattern. We find that white on white will make your room look bigger if it’s a small space you’re working with. But this timeless look doesn’t have to be bland! You can create so many different looks with a white subway or mosaic so play around with layouts! 

Take into consideration white or very light grout will not be forgiving when it comes to stains or discolorations, so it may take a little extra care to maintain that clean fresh look.

Newport Gloss White used with Mapei White Grout - Project by Future Flip 

Albert Park Vanilla used with Mapei Silver Grey Grout - Project by Future Flip 

Newport Matt White Pattern used with Mapei White Grout - Project by Future Flip


So you’ve chosen a tile with multiple colours, find a grout colour to complement all the colours that are on that tile.

Usually the grout colour that compliments most of our tiles are a light grey or silver grey. Light grey compliments those warmer tones as well!

Newport mini in Bone used with Mapei Pink Powder grout in Three Birds house 12 renovation.


Make those colours pop with a contrasting grout colour! We love pairing white grout with our coloured tiles and using a darker grout or pops of colour for our lighter tiles to add more depth and interest.

Brunswick Gloss Kit Kat used with Mapei Manhattan Grey Grout - Project by Future Flip 

Jindabyne Matt White used with Mapei Black Grout

OK ! I know what grout I want… but how much grout do I need?

Mapei has a grout calculator  online to work out how much grout you will need for your project, it’s as simple as specifying the dimensions of the tile you’ve picked, the thickness of the tile you’ve picked, your grout joint width and  how many square meters your ordering. (make sure to select the ultra colour 5kg bag!)

If you’re still not sure you can contact us at

Now…. Lets shop grout!