Brick Bond Tiles

Brick bond tiles are a captivatingly traditional tile pattern that adds a classic sentiment to your space—but the perks of this tile type don’t end there. Because our brick bond tiles come in a range of quality materials, colours, shapes, and finishes, this look can also be rugged, or modern or playful, or just about anything you want. 


Getting your brick bond tiles from TileCloud is just the start of your interior style transformation. With an impressive array of options to choose from, you also have to decide which selection is best for your project, and your budget.

Don’t panic: we’re here to make home improvement fun and affordable. That’s why our design experts are here to help, free of charge. Tell us about your project, and we will guide you in making the best choice for your space, as well as your budget. We can also give you essential DIY tips so your brick bond tiles are offset to perfection, giving you that precise, finished look you want.

Feeling spoiled by choice? Order samples. For just $15, we’ll ship them right to your door so you can see which brick bond tiles you like best in your space. Bring your vision to life!

Shop the TileCloud collection of brick bond tiles today.