Get 10% off tapware when you order tiles and tapware together. Use the code YABBY10 (T&C apply)
Get 10% off tapware when you order tiles and tapware together. Use the code YABBY10 (T&C apply)

Bathroom Tiles

The right bathroom tiles can transform the feel and look of your bathroom. And since a bathroom can make or break a home, there are few other renovating choices that will be as critical. Whether you are planning a small powder room upgrade or the main bathroom do-over, you’ll find the perfect tiles for your bathroom at TileCloud.

Do you dream of a private haven in your home, a place to relax and unwind, where to take a break from the stress of modern life? That’s what your bathroom could be like! Whether you are renovating an outdated bathroom or building a new home from the ground up, spend some time thinking about this all-important room and how you want to tile it.

Bring your vision to life with the right bathroom tiles

While the vanity, bathtub or other bathroom fixtures are bound to be the hero pieces of the room, the bathroom tiles you lay can truly take it to the next level. Small bathrooms can be made to look much wider, dark ones brighter, and old-looking areas spruced up with well-chosen bathroom tiles. No matter the size, location or overall state of your bathroom, our bath tiles can help you create a spa-like sanctuary in your home.

All your bathroom tiling needs sorted

At TileCloud, we carry a chosen selection of bathroom floor and bathroom wall tiles for Australian homeowners wanting to spend less without compromising on quality. Our collection includes porcelain bathroom tiles, natural stone bathroom tiles and ceramic bathroom tiles, so we are bound to have the one that suits your décor needs. We’re also equipped with a wide range of tapware for your bathroom, allowing you to shop for everything you need from one convenient location. If you are unsure of which bathroom style and design to go for, take a peek at our post on bathroom trends or take our style quiz.

Tiling your bathroom walls — one of the best ideas you could have

A tiled bathroom wall sets the mood for the entire space. Floor-to-ceiling tiled bathroom walls are eye-catching features that add refinement and value to any home. Their strong visual impact is bound to impress any guest, while their practicality is a delight for day-to-day living. Hard-wearing and easy to maintain and clean, bathroom wall tiles also protect your walls from water and vapour damage — another reason why they are such a popular choice.

How to choose tiles for your bathroom

Whether you are only tiling a small area or the entire floors and walls, we have the right bathroom tiles for your project in our range. Our company mission is to make it easier, and fun, for you to renovate. So here are some tips on how to choose the best tiles for your bathroom:

  • Start by choosing the overall colour scheme. White bathroom tiles are the most popular choice because of their brightness and lightness, but they are far from being the only option.
  • Use small bathroom tiles for compact rooms to trick the eye into thinking they are bigger spaces.
  • Choose large bathroom tiles for ampler spaces so as not to have excessive grout lines, as they can make the room feel small and constricting. 
  • Think carefully about your shower tiles and how they can add value to the entire room. 
  • Consider wall tiles for your entire bathroom if you have the budget; it’s a value-packing investment bound to prove its worth. 
  • Add charm and personality in moderation with feature tiles in the bathroom — easy to change and update as the trends or owners change. 
  • Don’t underestimate plain, simple tiles. They can still bring a bang to the room by laying them in an original pattern or when used to create bathroom features.

All the ways we can help you choose bathroom tiles

Tile shopping is any DIYer’s nightmare, but we are here to change that. By looking for bathroom tiles online on our site, you are already saving yourself time and headaches. You would have noticed that we are not bombarding you with thousands of different bathroom tiles, all so similar to one another that you can’t even spot the differences. Instead, our interior stylists and tile experts have hand-picked bathroom tiles that tick all the boxes and marry looks and functionality. What’s more, you can talk to one of our designers, online or in person, to help you realise your vision.

Order bathroom tiles online today

Ready to luxuriate in your dream bathroom? Get your project off the ground today — buy the bathroom tiles you need from TileCloud now. No matter the size of your order, we’ll get it delivered in just over a week anywhere in Australia for a flat rate. Let us help you make your interior decor dreams come true.


How do I clean bathroom tiles?
To clean bathroom tiles, make sure you clean regularly and thoroughly. You can create your own cleaning solution using vinegar and water. However, it is best to use purpose made tile cleaning products, such as our heavy-duty tile and grout cleaner
How much does it cost to tile a bathroom?
To tile a bathroom, the cost depends on the size of the bathroom and the type and style of tiles you choose for your bathroom. For a regular-sized bathroom, it can cost anywhere between $600 - $3000
Are matt tiles suitable for bathrooms?
Yes, matt tiles are suitable for bathrooms. Matt tiles are durable, sturdy and do not reveal smudges and dried water droplets, making them ideal for wet and busy bathrooms
What is the difference between bathroom floor tiles and bathroom wall tiles?
Bathroom floor tiles are thicker and more durable to withstand foot traffic and moisture, while wall tiles are thinner and lighter. Floor tiles have higher slip resistance for better traction, and their finish is often textured or matte. Wall tiles offer more finish options and come in various sizes and patterns for design flexibility. Bathroom floor tiles have higher water resistance, and their installation requires stronger adhesives and leveling. It's crucial to choose tiles designed specifically for their intended application to ensure performance and consistency.
Can I use the same tiles on both bathroom walls and floors?
Yes, it is possible to use the same tiles on both bathroom walls and floors. Using the same tiles can create a cohesive and unified look in your bathroom. However, as we outlined above, there are some differences in durability, finish and slip resistance that you need to consider during your decision-making process. As long as your floor tiles are up to the task, there's no harm in using them on the walls as well. Just be aware that using wall tiles on your bathroom floor can leave you vulnerable to slips, falls and issues with water resistance.