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The right bathroom tiles can transform the feel of your whole home. You are sure to find your perfect match with TileCloud, the ultimate destination for wall and floor tiles online. Boasting an endless number of tile choices, whether it be porcelain bathroom tiles, natural stone bathroom tiles or ceramic bathroom tiles, TileCloud’s selection of bathroom tiles online are sure to bring your tile ideas to life. Get a sample of your favourite Bathroom Tiles delivered to your door now.

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Quality Bathroom Tiles Online Australia

It goes without saying that a bathroom can either make or break a home. Nobody wants to live in a house with a bathroom that feels cramped and uncomfortable or dark and dingy – or, even worse, one that’s impossible to keep clean and feels grimy and dirty. However, what is less obvious is that all these issues can be addressed simply by making informed decisions about bathroom tiles. The TileCloud online bathroom tiles store offers a huge range of bathroom tiles so whatever it is you’re looking for, you can be sure we’ll have the perfect match.

Below are some things you’ll want to consider as you browse through our selection of the best bathroom tiles in Australia

Size and Shape

Bathroom tiles that run horizontally and accentuate the width of a room will naturally create an illusion of a wider space, which is of course ideal if you happen to have a smaller bathroom. Furthermore, tiles that are smaller in size will create a ‘busier’ effect, while larger ones will seem simpler and more minimalistic. If you do happen to have a preference for the smaller, ‘busier’-looking tiles, bare in mind that they will have a greater number of grout joints; and, considering that grout is the easiest place for mould and mildew to grow, these tiles will require careful cleaning, especially if they are used in the shower area. The TileCloud store has bathroom tiles of all kinds of shapes and sizes so you’re sure to find exactly what you need in our online bathroom tiles store.


It is generally true that the smoother a tile, the easier it is to keep clean. Having said that, smoother tiles do, of course, also tend to be more slippery than rougher ones, which have considerably more grip. It therefore makes sense to have slightly rougher floor tiles for your bathroom, while perhaps having smoother tiles on the walls. A range of textures are available at the TileCloud bathroom tiles store.

Order Five Sample Tiles For Just $5

As you can tell, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to deciding which bathroom tiles to buy. Fortunately at TileCloud we have an immense range of tiles available for you to browse through on our bathroom tiles online store. Once you’ve decided on a few favourites, why not order five samples for just $5 and see what they look like in your home? Once you know which tiles are perfect for your bathroom, you can place an order and we’ll deliver them to your door – wherever you are in Australia – for just $70. So go ahead and start planning your bathroom makeover today!

The Benefits Of Installing Bathroom Tiles

If you are looking to buy bathroom tiles online, you’ll find everything that you need right here at TileCloud. Our customers love our range of bathroom tiles for lots of different reasons, including;

  • Water Resistant: One of the great things about a bathroom tile is that it is extremely water resistant. This property alone makes it a very popular choice for the bathroom, as it’s the one room in the home that’s exposed to large amounts of running water. The level of water resistance that’s provided by bathroom tiles makes them a safe, practical solution for those that are looking for floor and wall tiles that will last the test of time.  
  • Affordable: Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to buying bathroom tiles online from TileCloud is that our prices are very affordable. So if you’re looking for the best bathroom tiles in Australia at the best price, then you have come to the right place.
  • Lots of options to choose from: Our collection of the best bathroom tiles in Australia features all kinds of styles, sizes, colours, textures and glazes. We give our customers lots of options to choose from so that finding their perfect bathroom tile at TileCloud is easy.

Considerations When Buying Bathroom Tiles Online

Here is a short list of things to keep in mind when it comes to buying wall or floor tiles for the bathroom;

  • Get Something Sturdy: It’s important to remember that not all tiles are built to provide the same level of durability. So whether you’re looking for wall or floor tiles for the bathroom, you’ll want to choose a material that can withstand foot traffic and regular wear and tear.

Glass, specially designed splashback tiles and ceramic tiles are all suitable options so take some time to browse through our collection of each.

  • It Doesn’t Have to Be Boring: We encourage you to get creative with your purchase here at TileCloud! Although our customers love our standard porcelain white tiles, you always have the option of finding a bathroom tile that’s a bit more unique and funky here on our bathroom tiles store.

The following are just some of the options we have available on our online bathroom tiles store when it comes to tile materials that are suitable for the bathroom;

  • Stone Look Tiles
  • Concrete Look Tiles
  • Timber Look Tiles
  • Natural Stone Tiles
  • Porcelain Feature Tiles
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Glass Tiles
  • Porcelain Basic Tiles
  • Encaustic Cement Tiles
  • Terracotta Tiles

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