Minimalist Dark Style

The overall mood of modern dark interior decor is quiet and sophisticated. Timeless by nature and elegant by design, discover some of the best minimalist tiles and dark tiles in Australia. Carefully chosen to execute this dreamy look to perfection, these are the high-quality dark minimalist tiles and fixtures you have been looking for. Take a look below or explore our light minimalist collection for more options.

Unlike airy, bright decor schemes, dark modern interiors seek the dramatic contrast of light and darkness. For this style, you need minimalist and dark tiles that absorb the natural light and create the scene. The result is one of uncomplicated simplicity, where less is more. Take a look at our selection of dark tiles or explore our light minimalist collection for more options.

Achieve the perfect minimalist dark look

Combine our minimalist tiles and dark tiles with high-end furnishings and statement lights for a moody and sophisticated home. To be well-executed, this style requires a whole-round commitment. Browse through these images of a modern/minimal dark space or answer our style quiz to find out for sure whether this is how you want to style your house.

Reach out to our style experts today

On a mission to help you realise your dreams down to the last detail, we offer free design consultation to all our customers. We can also send you a minimalist dark-style sample kit to check out the look in your space.