Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor tiles need to be as functionally robust as they are aesthetically stunning. That's why our collection of outdoor tiles is the best in Australia, bringing together form and function for dozens of eye-catching design options. Whether you're looking for natural stone outdoor tiles, porcelain, or ceramic, our online tile store has the best options available. See for yourself!


Barbecues in the garden are one of the defining features of the Australian way of life, so it’s important that your garden is a nice environment in which you can relax with family and friends. The right outdoor tiles can completely transform a garden, turning an otherwise average outdoor space into a truly beautiful place to spend your summer evenings. When deciding on outdoor tiles, there are a few basic things to consider.

Of course, you want to make sure you pick a tile that comes in a colour that you love and complements the colour of your garden furniture.

It’s also important to consider the shape of your tiles, as larger tiles will create a simpler, more minimalistic effect and smaller tiles can be arranged in interesting mosaic patterns to create a busier but more elegant and luxurious appearance.

Something else to consider when shopping for outdoor tiles: smoother materials will naturally be more reflective of light and have a shinier appearance. They will also be easier to clean and maintain than rougher textures. The rougher materials are more opaque and slightly trickier to keep clean, but they do have greater grip and so you’re less likely to have accidents involving slippery, wet tiles--certainly worth considering if you happen to have children around.

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To choose the most suitable outdoor tiles, it is best to go for durable tiles and tiles with texture to reduce slipping, as outdoor tiles are prone to getting wet. Always remember to choose tiles that also suit your style
There are no rules when it comes to using outdoor tiles inside. If using outdoor tiles inside suits your style and personal preference, go for it. It is quite common to use outdoor porcelain tiles indoors
To keep your outdoor tiles looking clean and shiny all year round, it is best to regularly clean them with a pressure washer. If you don't have access to one of these, we recommend using a hose