Style Packs

At TileCloud, we know how tough choosing tiles can be. It's a big decision! We pride ourselves on making the process fun and easy, which is where our Style Packs come in. Get a sample of a certain style so you can see if it suits you before you commit.
As exciting as picking out your new tiles can be, we understand that making decisions isn't everyone's strong suit. When so many excellent options are available, how is one to choose? You can put a pin in your stressing with our Style Packs, a sampler that allows you to try before you buy. These sample packs contain our painstakingly curated tile combos recommendations designed to work perfectly together for a particular aesthetic. From sleek Scandi style to rustic farmhouse vibes, there's something to suit every taste.

Still not sure which aesthetic road you want to go down? Take our free style quiz for some design inspiration.