Take control of your renovation

In a design appointment, our experts will help you to:

  • Identify your style and apply it to your project

  • Select gorgeous products for your space

  • Nail your design vision so you are ready to bring it to life

  • You’ve got a magazine-worthy space pinned on your mood board but have no idea how to get started.

  • You’re into too many different looks and need help narrowing them down.

  • You’ve decided which tiles you love but aren’t sure what to pair them with.

Answered yes to one or more of the above?
Book a free design appointment and our in-house experts will help you find your confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does a design appointment work?

Our Interior Designer will start by clarifying the look and feel you want to create, with help from a selection of images to spark inspiration, as well as your moodboard (if you have one). Once you’ve nailed the design direction, they’ll work with you to flesh out your ideas with some of our range.

We’ll usually prepare some flat lays incorporating the different surfaces (not just tiles!) in your space to help you visualise the final look more cohesively. You may leave with a clear idea of what you want or a few routes you’d like to explore before you settle on the final look.

If you’re short on time or have locked in your final look, we can assist in measuring up and providing a quote for approval and subsequent ordering.

How long does a design appointment last ?

Your appointment may be quick (if you’re already pretty set on your selection) or could be longer if it takes a while to lock down specific arrangements of tiles that work for your project or if we’re helping to specify a whole home.

Does a design appointment cost anything ?

Our design appointments are at no cost to you.


We understand that things come up so no worries if you need to cancel. All we ask is that you give us 24 hours’ notice and we can refund your booking fee.

You can also reschedule your appointment through our booking system free of charge with more than 24 hours’ notice.

If you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment, the booking fee is not refunded. This is because we are unlikely to be able to fill your slot at such short notice. Thank you for your understanding!