Cleaning and maintaining your TileCloud tiles and grout

February 26, 2021 2 min read

Our quick guide to caring for your TileCloud tiles!

Image via: @threebirdsrenovations using our Bondi in pink and Bangalow in pink

Routine clean
Sweep away at all the dirt and debris with a vacuum or broom. Dilute your chosen neutral ph cleaner in warm water and apply to the tiles with a mop. The regular use of any abrasive cleaners and cleaning agents which are excessively acidic or alkaline could cause irreversible damage to the tile surface and should not be used.

Manual cleaning 
You can do a manual clean to your porcelain, ceramic and cement tiles with warm water to which a neutral detergent has been added.

Periodic cleaning 
Occasionally your tiles may come into contact with foreign matter that can’t get removed with your usual cleaning routine solutions. it’s advised to try the following recommendations on a small area first.
Paint: Paint remover
Organic stains: This includes things like food, beverages, cosmetics, blood and plant matter. Try bleach or one-off treatment of washing soda
Oil-based: Detergent or degreaser
Naturally occurring substances: For mould growth, mildew and fungus use a household bleach or proprietary cleaner
Tea, coffee and ink: Household bleach or proprietary cleaner

Cement tiles
It is a must with our cement tiles that you use a suitable penetrating sealer as leaving tile left untreated will mark and stain very easily. Speak to you tiler about some suitable options. Typically you need to reapply your penetrating sealer every 2-5 years depending on the products recommendation. Never use bleach on cement tiles as it can strip away at the sealing agent.

Use your neutral ph cleaner and a bit of elbow grease. Otherwise there are grout sealers available to keep your grout looking fresher for longer, have a chat to your tiler about some grout sealer options that are suitable for you.

Our go-to sealing solutions are from Aqua Mix! If you have any other questions about cleaning and maintaining your tiles you can email the team here.