23 Stylish Kitchen Splashback Tile Ideas

March 17, 2022 5 min read

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so we believe it should be treated with the love and attention it deserves. One way to do this is with a kitchen tile splashback. Not only will a tiled splashback inject personality into your kitchen, but it can also complement the rest of your home by seamlessly marrying design and style choices from room to room. With so many kitchen tile splashback ideas for you to consider, it can be a tough choice! Luckily, we have compiled our top 23 ideas for kitchen tiles and splashbacks.
1. Hexagon tiles
This tile has been around for centuries and shows no signs of going anywhere anytime soon! Hexagon tiles exude a timeless style that works with most kitchen designs. They also come in a range of different sizes, making them one of the more versatile tiles.
2. Finger mosaic tiles
These are a bold and enigmatic choice of tile if you're hoping to create a kitchen that makes an impact! Blue is the most popular colour choice for finger mosaic tiles, effortlessly adding a very cool sense of texture and personality to your kitchen.
3. White tiles with black grout
White tiles with black grout are all the rage right now. The finished look will transform your kitchen with a simultaneously classy and industrial edge. It is also neutral enough to complement a few other bold design choices in other areas of your kitchen.
4. Herringbone tiles
A much-loved tile choice, herringbone tiles have been making their mark on kitchen splashbacks for generations. It’s no secret why; their soft, classic look works exceptionally well in kitchen spaces.
5. Moroccan-inspired tiles
If you like bright colours, bold patterns, and something a little bit exciting, Moroccan-inspired tiles may be the perfect choice for your kitchen. The best bit about these tiles is that they take centre stage, so you won’t need to do much else to turn heads in your kitchen.
6. Mosaic tiles
Mosaic tiles never go amiss when it comes to the perfect kitchen splashback. Not to be underestimated, they’re easy to maintain and come in an endless array of colours and finish options, so you're bound to find the right fit for your taste.
7. Diamond tiles
If you’re hoping to achieve a luxe finish in your kitchen, diamond-shaped tiles are the way to go. The diamond shape forms hexagonal patterns on a wall, so it is often referred to as the broken hexagon look. These tiles will effortlessly inject that high-end feel into your kitchen.
8. Chequered tile
The former tile of choice for kitchen floors and walls alike, the chequered tile now casts a cool, retro feel. It’s a great tile choice if you're looking for a simple and easy way to make a statement in your kitchen.
9. Metal mosaic tile
Mix it up with a metal mosaic tile for your kitchen splashback. These tiles will add a subtle industrial edge, as well as nuanced glamour to your kitchen – not to mention they’re super easy to keep clean!
9. Geometric tiles
Also known as the cube, this tile finish has a minimalist effect that works great in any modern or neutral kitchen space. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing tiles for your kitchen splashback, geometric tiles are an excellent jumping-off point.
10. Octagonal tiles
One of the best kitchen wall tile ideas for your home, octagonal tiles are classic, timeless and suit most styles. Usually done in black and white, mix up the colours if you're feeling adventurous!
11. Penny round
Another classic tile choice for kitchens that's hung around for generations, penny round tiles come in any finish, size and texture you can imagine! They’re an excellent choice for adding a soft, subtle touch to your kitchen.
12. Stone tiles
Who said stone can’t be used for your kitchen tiles? Stone tiles make an impact by adding a touch of natural elements and extra depth to your kitchen, making it feel both luxe and ethereal.
13. Terracotta tiles
If you’re hoping to achieve a Mediterranean look in your kitchen, using a terracotta tile for your splashback will help get you there. Cosy and traditional, your kitchen will be the envy of everyone who steps inside!
14. Subway tiles
By far the most common tile you’ll see used for kitchen splashbacks, subway tiles are so popular because they are versatile and look great in most kitchens. You can tailor the tiles to your design needs, including the size and how the tile is laid, to create a unique, stunning finish that suits your kitchen.
15. Black matte tile
Matte tiles are becoming more of a popular choice for kitchen splashbacks, especially black. The black colour combined with the matte texture will bless your kitchen with a minimalist, organic, and luxe feel.
16. Glazed white tile
On the other hand, the classic glazed white tile still holds its position as a favoured selection for kitchen tile splashbacks. The glaze means they’re beyond easy to clean, and the white finish is bound to suit any kitchen, so it’s no wonder they remain the tile of choice!
17. Irregular mosaic tiles
Mosaic tiles are one of the rare tiles that look great cut into odd shapes and sizes and then re-stuck together! This look adds a contemporary edge to any kitchen without coming across as overbearing.
18. Picket tiles
Fondly named after the humble picket fence, picket tiles have a slim, linear look that is perfect if you’re looking to add a fun edge to your kitchen. They are also very versatile and can be installed in three different patterns!
19. White zellige tiles
If you haven’t heard of zellige tiles, where have you been?! Originating from Morocco, these square tiles are perfect for a feature splashback. Their texture effortlessly complements that classic kitchen look whilst also being easy to clean and maintain.
20. Grid tiles
Very much the epitome of mid-century kitchen design, the humble grid tile has made a much-welcomed comeback, and we aren’t complaining! With the finish and size being so easy to adjust to suit most styles, we love how versatile and timeless these tiles are.
21. Mermaid tiles
If you’re looking for funky kitchen tile ideas, mermaid tiles are the answer. Also referred to as fish scale tiles, these tiles offer a pretty, feminine touch to your kitchen, not to mention the perfect amount of texture and kitsch!
22. Chevron tiles
What list about kitchen splashback tile ideas would be complete without chevron tiles making an appearance? Often underestimated, these tiles offer a classic and timeless linear pattern that is ideal for those wanting a more traditional, structured finish for their splashback.
Make your kitchen stand out!
Make a statement in your kitchen with these splashback tile ideas. We know how hard it can be choosing tiles for your kitchen, but we hope laying out all the options will help you in your renovation journey. With this in mind, your kitchen will be looking the part in no time!