Diamond Tiles

If you're looking for a tile pattern that is striking and can work wonders with your space, then look no further than our collection of diamond tiles. Diamond tiles are visually stunning and, because of their layout, will actually make your floors or walls look wider.

Diamond tiles, with their unique geometric shape, add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. The diamond pattern creates a mesmerising visual effect that can make a room look more spacious, making them a perfect choice for narrow spaces such as laundry rooms or hallways.

Diamond tiles are a pattern that requires precision to look amazing, hinging on being placed at an exact 45-degree angle. You can definitely install diamond tiles yourself, but if you want to make 100% sure your DIY project goes as planned, contact our design pros. Their expert advice is available to you free of charge. It's just another way we're making the home improvement experience less stressful and more affordable. Not sure which diamond tiles are best? Order a sample of our diamond tiles for just $15 to see which option best suits your space.

Transform your home with the timeless charm of diamond tiles from TileCloud. Shop our collection now.