Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles are one of our most popular picks when it comes to tile shapes. This tile shape can be used to create a stunning tile design in any room. From the kitchen backsplash to the bathroom wall or floor, hexagon tiles add an impressive design element.  

Use one colour, or mix and match colours, shades, and even textures for an absolutely breathtaking design. The only limit is your imagination—and, of course, your budget. That’s why our hexagon tiles are not only made from top quality materials but are also affordably priced. We believe creating exceptional interior design should be fun, and available to all.

What You Need to Know About Hexagon Tile Design

Geometrical shapes like hexagon tiles are always classic, offering you a timeless way to elevate your interior design. We like to use light grout and lighter colour tiles to achieve a more subtle—but still stunning—aesthetic, and a darker grout with the same colour tiles to get a vintage vibe. Darker hexagon tiles are modern and bold, and will definitely add a wow-factor to your space. 

Have questions about which hexagon tiles are best for your project and space? No problem. Contact our design experts for free advice.  We’ll help you pick the perfect product for your room and your budget, while also giving you tips on how to get the job done right.

Having trouble deciding which tiles to choose? Order a few samples. This will help you determine which hexagon tiles feel and look right for your project before you commit to placing an order.  

Shop our collection of hexagon tiles today and get ready to be inspired!