Terracotta Look Tiles

Terracotta tiles remain one of our best selling tiles for a reason: they’re perpetually on-trend and they a cinch to maintain. Plus, their earthy sophistication makes them aesthetically singular and invariably eye-catching. That’s the beauty of buying quality terracotta tiles from TileCloud!

These tiles do not warp, they're a sustainable and eco-friendly form of home decor, they’re resistant to mold, fungus, and bacteria growth, and they’re one of the warmest types of tiles—literally! Terracotta tiles actually retain more heat than most non-heated tiles. 


Another benefit of terracotta tiles? They're absolutely beautiful, adding a refined, earthy element to any space. Add them to a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, hallway (really, anywhere!) and you’ll bring the natural wonder of terracotta tiles home.

Shop our collection of terracotta tiles now. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team of design experts. We've made tile decor more than our job: it's our obsession.

We can help you select the best terracotta tiles for your space and your budget. Terracotta tiles can transform any room. Order some samples to see for yourself, and once you fall in love, come back and order enough to finish your project!