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Get 10% off tapware when you order tiles and tapware together. Use the code YABBY10 (T&C apply)

Popular Tile Trends For Home Renovations

Layla Sawyer

Looking to level up your home renovation? From both a functional and aesthetic standpoint, tiles are the way to go. Whether you're looking to make a bold statement or seeking a subtle refresh, the right tile can make all the difference. If you’re stuck for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place — we’re here to talk you through the hottest tiling trends that are captivating homeowners and interior designers alike.

1. Natural and Organic Textures: Embracing Nature's Best

In an age where we're constantly seeking connections to nature, tiles that emulate natural materials are stealing the spotlight. These tiles beautifully capture the essence of stone, concrete, and other organic textures, offering a serene and earthy ambiance to spaces.

Marble-Look Tiles: The elegance of marble without the hefty price tag? Yes, please! Marble-inspired tiles bring sophistication to any room, be it a luxe living room or a serene bathroom sanctuary. Dive into TileCloud's marble-look tile collection to find your perfect match.

Concrete-Look Tiles: Industrial chic is all the rage, and what better way to achieve it than with concrete-look tiles? They offer the raw appeal of concrete while ensuring durability and ease of maintenance. Explore the rugged yet refined vibes of these tiles in TileCloud's concrete collection.

Modern bathroom with concrete-look tiles and a white stone bench.

2. Terrazzo Revival: A Nostalgic Nod to Retro Elegance

Terrazzo is back, baby! With its eclectic mix of colours and textures, this material is perfect if you’re keen to infuse some vintage vibes into a modern space.

The terrazzo look, inspired by classic Italian design, is gaining immense popularity in contemporary home renovations. Here's what sets it apart:

Unique Aesthetics: Mimicking the speckled appearance of traditional terrazzo, these tiles capture the essence of the design with their distinct patterns that emulate the blend of marble, quartz, granite and glass chips.

Cost-Effective: Terrazzo-look tiles have all the visual appeal of traditional terrazzo minus the hefty price tag. Thanks to a less labour-intensive production process, terrazzo-look tiles are far more affordable than their traditional counterparts.

Versatile Beauty: Whether it's flooring that reminds you of Italian villas or a countertop that's a work of art, terrazzo-look tiles are as versatile as they are beautiful. Discover the magic of terrazzo with TileCloud's terrazzo-look collection.

A bathroom with a sink, bathtub, and a skylight. A serene space with natural light pouring in from above.Project and photography by @davinebathrooms

3. Kit Kat Tiles

Kit Kat tiles, with their slim and elongated design, bring a contemporary feel to spaces. Here's why people love them:

Space Illusion: Their vertical or horizontal alignment can play with perceptions, making walls appear taller or rooms seem wider.

Subtle Sophistication: While they have a minimalist design, their impact is profound. They can be used as accent pieces or to cover larger areas for a more dramatic effect.

Colour Variations: From muted pastels to bold hues, Kit Kat tiles come in a bunch of colours to match various design styles. For instance, the Coogee Antique Pink Kit Kat Mosaic tile gives off a distinct retro vibe, while the Brunswick Kit Kat Matte White Tile is a chic and modern-looking choice.

Modern bathroom with glass shower and wooden vanity.Project and photography by @blm_building_group project

4. Encaustic-Look Tiles

Encaustic-look tiles, inspired by the intricate patterns of traditional encaustic tiles, bring a touch of art and architectural finesse to modern spaces. Here's what makes them captivating:

Rich Heritage: Drawing inspiration from designs that date back to medieval times, these tiles evoke a sense of history, making them feel truly timeless..

Design Depth: While they capture the essence of encaustic tiles, these tiles are crafted with modern techniques that give them a vibrant and lasting finish.

Versatility: Suitable for a range of settings, from welcoming entryways to chic kitchen backsplashes, they give spaces a cool artsy vibe. 

Green vanity in an Encaustic-look tiled bathroom.

5. Subway Tiles: The Timeless Trend with Infinite Possibilities

Subway tiles, with their simple rectangular shape, have a history that's as rich as their design potential. Their clean lines and classic design make them adaptable to various styles, from vintage to contemporary. 

While traditionally seen in pristine glossy white, you can now get subway tiles in a spectrum of colours and finishes, so you can get as creative as you like. Whether you're aiming for a monochromatic look or a vibrant splash of colour, subway tiles have got you covered. This is what we love about subway tiles:

Innovative Layouts: While the traditional brick pattern remains popular, modern renovations are breathing new life into subway tiles. Layouts like vertical stacking, herringbone and crosshatch offer fresh perspectives, transforming the tiles from a simple backdrop to a focal point in a room.

The Power of Grout: Often overlooked, the grout used with subway tiles can dramatically change their appearance. Whether it's dark grout for an industrial look or matching grout for a seamless finish, this subtle detail can make a significant impact.

Versatility: Subway tiles are not just for kitchens and bathrooms anymore. Their adaptability makes them suitable for various applications, from cosy fireplace surrounds to chic living room feature walls.

Choosing the right tile is like adding a piece of art to your space. It reflects your style, personality and design philosophy. As trends evolve, these five tile types stand out, offering a blend of tradition, innovation and beauty. Embrace the versatility that tiles have to offer, and let your space tell a story.

Ready to rock your reno and create the space of your dreams? Explore these trends and more with TileCloud.

Layla Sawyer
Layla is a creative at heart, with an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design and being the Senior Marketing and Ecommerce Coordinator here at TileCloud she has a passion for staying up to date with the latest trends within the industry. Known for going down a rabbit hole on Pinterest and being a sucker for a good mood board to kick off any project.