Laundry Tapware

Often forgotten and neglected, laundries can be turned into gorgeous spaces that make your life easier. A thoughtful laundry renovation is impossible without the perfect tapware to bring your vision to life.
Turn your laundry into a beautifully practical room

Install laundry taps that stand out against a tiled backsplash, or pick timeless designs that won’t need updating for years to come. Available in brushed brass, warm brushed nickel, chrome and matte black, no matter your laundry mood and style, we have something just right.

A new building project or a DYI house renovation can easily become a time and money black hole. Save on both by shopping at TileCloud. Instead of offering you hundreds of near-identical laundry tapware choices, we have carefully selected the most popular, trendy and valuable options. So that you can make a faster choice bound to be a success. And if you can’t make up your mind, reach out to our in-house designers for help making your laundry dreams a reality.