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Get 10% off tapware when you order tiles and tapware together. Use the code YABBY10 (T&C apply)

On trend bathroom reveal - Terracotta

Florence Kelly

 We recently shared a jaw-dropping customer bathroom that broke the TileCloud internet. Jordan and Jim Bird revealed their beautiful renovated bathroom featuring our Boat Harbour and Newport subway tiles. We love terracotta at the moment, and this is our favourite look (so far)! It is a breath of fresh air. We got to chat the creator and homeowner Jordan Bird to get the down-low on the renovation of their home in Taree NSW.


Terracotta Boat harbour tiles

 What was your motivation for the bathroom reno?
The cold tap on our shower was about to fall off, so Jim decided it was imperative to redo the ENTIRE bathroom. The real answer is to improve our home and to have a space that we look forward to walking into every day!

It’s so special to complete something like this with your husband and look back at the before photos and realise you had made your bathroom/ house dreams come to life. It was an efficient decision to do this last bathroom because it just completed the home. 


Close up bathroom - Terrcotta tile

What was your inspiration for the room?
I drew inspiration from my recent trip to Europe and all the various natural tones and textures in certain places like Italy and Greece. I also wanted it to tie into the design of our other bathroom, but with a new flare.

I also wanted to have a play with a different floor colour to what I had ever seen before, hence the terracotta style. I had seen a more pinky/ peachy TileCloud tile featured in the Three Birds Renovations project, House 10.

I had a vision of it being light and bright, but with warm and cosy features that you don’t see much in the properties nearby. Our 1960's and the VJ cladding I chose to put on the walls above the tiles get people thinking when they come in, that’s how it had always been.



What are your go-to sources of inspiration?
I love scrolling through Instagram to draw inspiration from the things and places I love and speak to me. I love looking at Spaces magazine, and I watch shows on interior design. I was thinking about even dabbling in a little design course! I’m super lucky that I have a husband that trusts me and loves all the design choices i make - probably makes the planning stages easier.

We think Jordan's aesthetic is pretty perfect too! It is not a wonder that Jim agrees...


Jordan's inspiration board for the bathroom in the planning stages.


How was the work / reno-life balance for you both?
We love to dig in and get things done when we came back from a week of camping and starting ripping it out, with absolutely no plans of what to do with it. We worked on it every weekend, and most of our trades came in of an afternoon/ weekend as well, so that we could help out. It takes a lot longer when you work full time! We were keen to get this bathroom done, so we finished it a lot quicker than our other bathroom. 


Ok, let's take a look at how many hands were on deck to finish this project?
Below we break down how much of the major tasks were a professional trade hire or Do-it-yourself by either Jordan or Jim:



Love Jordan and Jim's bathroom design aesthetic?

Shop the look.

Head over to Jordan's Instagram for more inspiration and easily stay up-to-date with their upcoming projects of the home @jordbird_