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Get 10% off tapware when you order tiles and tapware together. Use the code YABBY10 (T&C apply)

How to Select Tiles For Your Living Room

Layla Sawyer -
As the beating heart of your home, there’s a lot of pressure to make your living room perfect. This space has a lot of ground to cover (literally) – it’s where you congregate with guests, spend quality time with your loved ones and unwind after a long day at work. There are many things to consider when selecting living room floor tiles, to the point where the decisions can start to feel overwhelming. Fear not! We’re here to talk you through choosing the ideal tiles for your living space, from atmosphere to upkeep.
All about ambience
Living rooms see a lot of action. You want somewhere that you spend time to feel comfortable but also look good, so your living room tile selection has some important boxes to tick. Colour is a huge factor to consider in the process – remember that you’re going to be looking at these tiles a lot, so opting for neutrals like brown, beige, grey and amber is a safe bet. Your existing furniture and decorating scheme is also a big point to consider, as well as your general lifestyle – we’ll go into more depth with those later.
Life of the party
Because most living rooms see a lot of foot traffic and furniture, it’s important to choose tiles that are durable. From falling objects and food spills, the tough factor has to be considered.
In the wide world of tiles, porcelain gets top marks for its sturdiness. Porcelain tiles are more solid than old-style ceramic tiles and most natural stone tiles. Whether matte or glossy, their hard body means that porcelain tiles will go the distance and hold up for years to come. As an added bonus, most porcelain tiles are stain-resistant thanks to being pre-glazed or sealed – that low porosity translates to lower maintenance.
Make a statement
If you’re not afraid of more bold and beautiful decorating choices, consider opting for a mosaic tiled living room. We know it might sound a bit full-on, but hear us out – the colour, texture and artistry of a mosaic-style floor is a statement unlike any other. Going for such a strong finish means you can keep your furniture choices more pared back and let the floor be its own piece of permanent art.

image: @tilecloud

Cool for kids
Anyone with young children can tell you that little humans are capable of making a lot of mess. They are also prone to drawing, dropping, banging, scraping and other such verbs that might not mix well with more delicate tiles. Porcelain tiles are hardy and durable, making them a great choice for families with kids or pets. Porcelain tiles tend to be slightly denser and less porous, which means stains are less likely to stick – so while this can be a more expensive option, it pays off in the long run.
Live your life
Every home is different, and every home’s occupants have different lifestyles. It’s important to bear this in mind when selecting tiles for your living room. You might be in love with the look of fancy glazed tiles, but if you have little ones scooting around (or are planning for them in the future) it’s a recipe for slips and falls. Got a dog or cat that sheds a lot? Anything plain and stark is going to make that fur stand out.
The lighter side
Using a lighter-coloured tile is one of the easiest ways to open up your living room and make it appear more spacious. White, beige and cream colours reflect the light nicely and help to add brightness to small spaces, creating the illusion of more room. Light doesn’t mean boring – there are plenty of slightly patterned tiles that come in those creamier colour palettes, so don’t write it off as limiting.

image: @tahnee_kelland

Super-size me
Another space-enhancing hack is using larger tiles throughout your living room. The bigger your tiles, the more spacious your room will appear! Look for tiles that are at least 600 x 600 mm if you can manage it. The reduced number of grout lines in your living room will instantly simplify the space. As an added bonus, you’ll also have fewer grout lines to clean – but bear in mind that larger tiles generally provide less slip resistance.
A perfect match
Want an understated floor with a seamless finish? If flooring as a focal point isn’t your jam, choose a grout  that matches your chosen living room tiles. Similar colours will make the tiles appear to flow together, making the floor one big neat surface. An off-white or grey grout will do the trick with lighter-coloured tiles and draw less attention to the floor. Do your best to colour-match your grout to your tiles for that endless flowing vibe.
Trial and error

Unless you’re starting your home decor completely from scratch, you’ll save yourself a lot of heartache (and potential clashes) if you’re mindful of your existing furniture when choosing tiles. Take pictures of your feature pieces like decorations, doors, curtains, furniture and artwork, and have them on hand when making tiling decisions. While it’s hard to envision just what things will look like from photos, it can help you to avoid any serious mismatches of colour and style.

image: @thestyledhaus_

Layla Sawyer

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