Are Matt or Gloss Tiles Better?

January 27, 2022 3 min read

Choosing tiles can be a confusing and overwhelming task, especially when it comes to the tile’s finish. Often overlooked, there are worlds of difference between a matt and gloss finish, each of which can significantly impact the overall feel of a space. Luckily, we pride ourselves on being tile experts, so we have all the information you need to make the right choice for your space. Here is our rundown of gloss and matt tiles and the main things to consider when deciding which is right for you.

What are gloss tiles?
Gloss tiles are valued for their smooth, rich surface colour, shiny finish and ease of cleaning. They help make small rooms appear bigger and often appear in hallways, kitchens and bathrooms. They are a popular choice for cramped or messy spaces and are most often used for wall laying.

What are matt tiles?
While gloss tiles are known for their bright and shiny appeal, matt tiles are much more subdued, with a dull, matt surface. Matt tiles have a natural, rustic style and come in various stone, wood and cement tones. Matt tile varieties are most often used for floor laying for their non-slip properties and more recently for walls too!

Things to consider when choosing matt vs. gloss tiles

Room size
When deciding between a gloss or matt tile, one of the first things you should consider is the size of the room you are renovating. If you’re hoping to make a room appear lighter and brighter, gloss tiles’ soft reflection and shiny finish will do just that. Gloss tiles are also great for small spaces as they make cramped rooms appear larger by bouncing light back and forth around the space. Matt tiles do not open up space like gloss tiles, so are better suited to larger rooms where creating more space isn’t a concern.

The lighting of a room or space can have a massive impact on the overall appearance of the tile you choose. The biggest difference between the two tiles is glossiness and shine. The light reflectivity of the matt tile is very minimal compared to gloss tiles, which have a high light reflectance. When choosing your tiles, keep this in mind so you don’t have an overly lit or under-lit room.

Another big difference between gloss and matt tiles is the overall style the tiles ultimately create. Using a matt tile will provide a more calm, subdued and rustic style. On the other hand, a gloss tile is more bright, atmospheric and glamorous. Opt for a tile that best matches the overall feel you hope to create in the space or room.

Both types of tiles require their fair share of maintenance if you want to keep them in top shape. Both gloss and matt tiles are anti-fouling and anti-seepage, which is why they are widely used in wall and floor installations. Gloss tiles can withstand plenty of water and aren’t easily damaged, whereas some matt tiles can be more porous and may develop stains over time; however, they are less susceptible to breaks and cracks.

Keeping your tiles clean should be a top priority and helps maintain their overall integrity. While it is very obvious when gloss tiles are dirty, they are easier to clean due to the smooth, wipeable surface. On the other hand, some matt tiles conceal dirt, smudges and stains better, though they are harder to clean. While matt tiles don’t need regular cleaning, getting rid of dirt and stains may be more stubborn when it’s time to do a big clean. If you’re wondering, are matt tiles suitable for bathrooms? The answer is yes. For larger-sized bathrooms, matt tiles can be a great choice.

Gloss or matt?
Whether you should choose gloss or matt tiles comes down to what you like and the space you are decorating. When making the decision, be sure to consider the size of the room, what the lighting is like, how easy it is to clean and maintain the tiles, and ask yourself what overall style you are aiming to create. Both types of tiles have their pros and cons, so considering these elements should help you make the right choice.

If you still feel unsure whether a gloss or matt tile is right for you, you can always attempt to incorporate both in a beautiful melding of authentic rustic design and a soft, contemporary glow. No matter which tile you choose, TileCloud has plenty of stunning, high-quality gloss and matt tiles that will be the perfect fit for you and your home.