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Get 10% off tapware when you order tiles and tapware together. Use the code YABBY10 (T&C apply)

5 Bathroom Storage Ideas to Maximise Space

Tayla Nova -

Ahhh, the age-old battle of bathroom storage. Bathrooms are often one of the smallest rooms in the house, but they still have the responsibility of storing a whole lot of stuff. Often, these two factors work against each other, and organising your bathroom can feel like a never-ending task. 

Your bathroom is where you most commonly begin and end your day. At its best, it provides relaxation and the chance for rejuvenation, and at its worst, it provides… well… stress and mess. If your drawers are overflowing and you are having trouble finding the things you need every day (hair ties, anyone else?), then you are in just the right place. It’s time that we sort out your bathroom storage once and for all. There’s good news, with a few simple bathroom storage ideas you can transform your bathroom.

Whether you have a big family home with multiple bathrooms to organise or a studio apartment, this guide will discuss bathroom storage ideas and tips that can help you streamline your bathroom routine and bring peace and order to your space. If your bathroom is a little on the smaller side, don’t fret. We have bathroom storage ideas for small spaces to ensure that you get the most out of your bathroom, no matter its size. From shower storage ideas to hidden storage, join us as we delve into all the ways you can maximise the space in your bathroom.

Mirror Mirror on The Wall: Recessed Shaving Cabinet Mirror

While this sleek design looks like a classic bathroom mirror at first glance, hidden behind it (or your beautiful face!) is a whole lot of extra storage. When it comes to implementing bathroom storage solutions, TileCloud’s understated Bayview Mirror Cabinets are the ideal addition to any bathroom needing a little storage boost. Whether you are renovating your house, building from scratch or just looking to spruce up the storage options in your existing bathroom, this hard-working design is the perfect solution. 

These clever cabinets are built into the wall, so they don’t have to take up any highly-regarded floor space in your bathroom. They come with neatly organised shelves for all of your belongings, ensuring you can tuck away your lotions and potions and keep your bench space free. The simple Tasmanian Oak design is ideal for matching a range of bathroom styles and even better, our shaving cabinet mirrors come in various sizes, ensuring there’s something for every bathroom.

Say no to Shallow Storage: Double Drawer Vanity 

If you lack storage solutions in your bathroom, a double-drawer vanity can be a true game-changer. These vanities feature deep drawers that can hold all of your bathroom essentials. Plus, to get even more out of your space, you can consider drawer dividers or organisers to keep everything neat and tidy.

Our simple vanity designs provide your bathroom with a streamlined, clean appearance while providing ample space to store all of your bathroom goodies. Our panelled vanities offer a refreshing textural appearance while concealing everything inside. You could even opt for combining two spacious vanities next to each other, so there are no more fights about who gets which draws.

Simple But Effective Bathroom Storage: Just Add Baskets

While we are big fans of hidden storage, we also know that not all storage needs to be concealed. In fact, sometimes displaying your storage can add to your space. That’s why we love baskets in the bathroom, whether you opt for a classic brown wicker look or add a touch of colour with feature piece baskets, baskets are at the top of our list for bathroom storage solutions

We recommend using baskets for extra toilet paper rolls, hand towels, or even additional decor items like a stack of magazines (home interior themed of course) by your bathtub. No matter what you choose to use them for, baskets are an easy and affordable way to keep your bathroom clutter-free.

Design Hack: Niches and Ledges in Wet Spaces

If you are still designing and building your home, this tip is for you! While many bathroom storage ideas revolve around existing spaces, you still have time to implement bathroom storage solutions from the ground up. Alternatively, if you are well and truly out of the building stage but are up for a little renovation, you can also add items like shower or soap shelves to your existing space with a little bit of handiwork.

Niches and ledges are built-in shower storage solutions, providing room for shampoo bottles and other everyday shower essentials. If you are seeking bathroom storage ideas for small spaces niches and ledges are ideal, as they take up minimal additional space but can help reduce clutter in your shower. To get inspired for your project, check out our Niche and Ledge guide that breaks down the difference between the two.

For Something a Little Extra: Add a Bath Caddy

Last up on our bathroom storage solutions list is a stylish addition we are sure you have seen on glossy interior pages. A bath caddy sits across your tub, acting as both a storage solution and a decor piece in one. It can hold everything from bath oils and potions to candles, a good read or even a cup of tea or a glass of wine. 

If you don’t have a bathtub in your bathroom but want to create the same eye-catching appeal, we recommend a small stool or side table. A stool or side table can also hold your more aesthetic bathroom items for a stylish bathroom addition or can even display a plant to add some greenery to your space.

That’s a wrap on our top five
bathroom storage ideas, we hope that you have found a solution amongst our list that works for your space. But even more importantly, we hope that you have found the inspiration you need to create a room that you enjoy spending time in, minus the hassle. If you need even more inspiration for your bathroom, make sure to check out our bathroom essentials checklist, it is jam-packed with everything you need to create the dreamiest bathroom. 

Tayla Nova
Tayla is a Brisbane-based freelance writer with a background in fashion design, a passion for sustainability and a knack for storytelling. As the host of one of Brisbane's Best Airbnb's ( Thanks Urban List), Tayla has a passion and talent for interior design and home improvement. This is something she picked up studying for a bachelor of fashion design at ESMOD in Paris, the world's first fashion school. A digital nomad — she can be found occasionally working from far-away surf camps with sunglasses on to combat the sun on her screen. When at home in leafy green Paddington, she's a table-setting aficionado and has one too many books on her bedside table.