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Get 10% off tapware when you order tiles and tapware together. Use the code YABBY10 (T&C apply)

Bathroom Mirror Cabinets | Shaving Cabinets

Finding storage solutions for your bathroom can sometimes be tricky, but not with TileCloud. Our curated collection of bathroom cabinets fits the bill of being aesthetically flexible, highly practical and space-saving. We stock shaving cabinets of all shapes and sizes to suit your space.
Find your perfect match amongst our exclusive collection of bathroom cabinets, where form meets function to redefine your bathroom storage solutions. Our cabinets are thoughtfully designed to bring organisation and elegance to your space, providing a seamless blend of practicality and aesthetics.

Crafted from the finest materials, our bathroom cabinets are built to withstand the rigours of daily use while maintaining their impeccable appearance for years to come. Spacious interiors offer generous storage space, so you can neatly stow away toiletries, towels and other essentials, keeping your bathroom clutter-free.

Available in a variety of styles and finishes, our cabinets cater to diverse tastes and interior design preferences. From sleek modern designs with clean lines to charming traditional motifs, each cabinet exudes its unique charm.

Take your bathroom to the next level with our premium cabinets and experience the perfect fusion of functionality and beauty. Elevate your daily routine with organised ease, adding a touch of luxury to your space.


How high should you hang a bathroom cabinet?
The ideal height of your bathroom cabinet depends on a bunch of different things, including the cabinet's size, the height of the users, plus the overall design and layout of the bathroom. However, a common guideline is to position the bottom of the cabinet at a height of around 80 to 90 centimetres above the bathroom countertop.
Do kitchen and bathroom cabinets have to match?
Absolutely not! If you're into creating a themed aesthetic (whether through a design style or colour) throughout your home, that's your choice. However, you can also go for a completely different vibe in your bathroom. It's up to your personal taste.
Should your mirror cabinet be bigger than your vanity?
The size of your mirror cabinet in relation to your vanity is a matter of personal preference and the specific design aesthetic you're going for in your bathroom. While there is no strict rule, many designers aim for a sense of visual balance and harmony in the bathroom. A mirror cabinet that is slightly narrower or the same width as the vanity tends to create a balanced and cohesive look.
Do shaving cabinets have to be centred over sinks?
Shaving cabinets (or medicine cabinets as they're sometimes called) generally sit centred above your sink or vanity in the bathroom. Most people find this the most aesthetically pleasing choice, but it's not a hard and fast rule - you can place it off-centre or even adjacent to the vanity if it's a large piece of furniture.