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Get 10% off tapware when you order tiles and tapware together. Use the code YABBY10 (T&C apply)

9 reasons home renovators are now shopping online

Layla Sawyer
Discover How to Take the Frustration Out of Tile Shopping

After putting it off for months, you’ve decided today’s the day. You pack up the nappy bag, hastily get the kids in the car, turn on the Frozen soundtrack for the 187,943rd time, and make the drive to the tile shop. After circling searching for a park for a solid 5 minutes, you find one at the back. By the time you make it into the shop, you should be feeling excited about how the new kitchen’s going to look when you’re finished. You should be imagining entertaining friends with a new splashback and hearing everyone gush over your gorgeous tiled floors...

But instead… you’re overwhelmed. There are what seems like an infinite number of tiles to look through and no one in sight to help. Gloss, polished, ceramic, porcelain... where do you even start? You drove all the way here, so you might as well start looking. Twenty minutes later, you think you’ve found something you might be interested in. Just as you lean in to take a closer look, the baby starts crying and the toddler informs you he needs to use the bathroom now. Finally, a customer service rep decides to show up -- right when you’re thinking you should’ve just stayed home. Let’s face it. Sometimes shopping for your home renovation feels more like a nightmare than those dream makeovers you see on TV.

It’s a nightmare the 3 young founders of TileCloud have heard all too often. As former tilers who had to endure the retail tile customer experience on behalf of their clients, they often left the store feeling pressured to buy and unhappy with the selection and level of service they received. But shopping for tiles shouldn’t be stressful. It should get you buzzing with excitement about your new project!

That’s why Drew, Floss, and Mark are shaking things up to give you a new way to buy tiles without any of the hassle, headaches, and frustration of traditional tile shops. Sick of struggling to find the perfect tile for your home renovation? Read on to see why others are raving about this fresh face that’s disrupting Australia’s $4B tiling industry…

1. Avoid analysis paralysis
Walking into a tile store can open a time-sucking portal of you wondering around aimlessly for hours until you’re exhausted and still not knowing which tile you want to go with. Rather than overloading your brain with too many choices presented all at once in a traditional store environment, TileCloud’s easy-to-navigate online store lets you shop by colour, shape, size, room, material, and pattern from the comfort of your couch and at your convenience, making shopping easier and more efficient. This means instead of feeling overwhelmed, exhausting your willpower, and ending up with buyer’s remorse, you can take your time and ensure you pick the perfect tile for your project!

2. Find a gorgeous selection
Don’t be fooled by how easy it is to find what you’re looking for at TileCloud. You’ll discover a huge selection of classic tiles always in stock as well as the latest styles in a wide range of shapes, colours, patterns, and textures. Check out their homepage to see what tiles are trending now and to get inspiration for your home makeover.

3. Get free design assistance online or in person
Good customer service can be hard to find. That’s why the founders of TileCloud decided to make incredible service a cornerstone of their operation. Forget wandering around a store aimlessly looking for help. When you shop for tile online, the support you need is just a click away. TileCloud understand choosing tiles can be hard. To make it easy, our designers offer free design advice from the comfort of your own home or in the Sydney studio. You can book a design appointment online, attach your Pinterest inspiration images and building plans.

4. Try before you buy
What’s worse than ordering tiles only to decide you don’t like them? Not being able to change your mind. TileCloud has a 5 for $15 option that lets you try out 5 samples so you can see exactly what they look like in your room, next to your furniture. It’s a great way to discover the perfect tile for your home before making an investment you regret.

5. Save money
Not only will you find a beautiful, hassle-free selection online at TileCloud, but no middle man means way cheaper prices on the quality tiles you love. While traditional stores are rarely transparent with pricing, you’ll find prices that are upfront and always fair all year around at TileCloud.

6. Get design inspiration from hot new trends
Most stores use outdated displays, forcing you to really use your imagination in order to find the right fit for your space. But TileCloud believes in staying up to date on the latest trends. Their creative design team captures these trends in stunning photos that they regularly update on their website, making it easier to create a look you’ll love for years to come. The inspiration tab shows beautiful photos and instructions for how to create everything from the Hamptons , Modern Australian, Industrial to timeless travertine with high-quality tile.
TileCloud has even teamed up with talented designers like ThreeBirds Renovations, FutureFlip and Eve Gunson to show you exactly how to get their style in your own home.

7. Avoid traffic and public meltdowns
Driving to the local tile store (if you even live near one) can be a real hassle, especially when often unpredictable little ones are involved. TileCloud’s self-guided online tile selection gives you the freedom to browse for materials for your renovation when it’s most convenient, without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

8. Enjoy a pressure-free shopping experience
Since there are no commission-based sales people fighting for your attention online, you won’t have to worry about getting hit with sleazy sales tactics or feeling pressured into buying something you don’t love. Instead, you can let the friendly team at TileCloud give you free design advice and get the perfect fit for your next project shipped straight to your doorstep.

9. You’re backed by a crack-free guarantee
Not only do these guys ship anywhere in Australia for less than the cost of your local tile store delivery, but they guarantee your tile will be safe, sound, and crack free. If something does arrive in less-than-perfect condition, they promise to replace it for free so that you can order with confidence...
Finding the perfect tile for your home makeover just got easier. Whether you’re redoing an outdated bathroom or transforming your kitchen into an entertainment hub, the right tile can go a long way in creating the unique look you want. But before you waste hours at a traditional tile shop, experience the difference at TileCloud.

In this online tile shop, you’ll discover a huge collection of the latest styles that will have you feeling excited about your renovation again. Best of all, you can do it all from the lounge in your pyjamas if you’d like.

Visit our website today to find a stunning selection of quality tiles at the lowest prices and start designing your dream space!

Layla Sawyer
Layla is a creative at heart, with an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design and being the Senior Marketing and Ecommerce Coordinator here at TileCloud she has a passion for staying up to date with the latest trends within the industry. Known for going down a rabbit hole on Pinterest and being a sucker for a good mood board to kick off any project.