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Banksia Lane Homes on Creating the Ultimate Beachside Build

Bridgette Bathgate

Today, we're catching up with Brett Vergou, the mastermind behind Banksia Lane Homes, who recently transformed his own property into an absolutely stunning mediterranean hideaway. 

In just a few words, Brett describes his project as "the ultimate beachside lifestyle." And oh, does it deliver! This luxurious creation by Banksia Lane Homes is a testament to thoughtful design, craftsmanship, and coastal living.

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Motivation to Renovate: "We’ve been aiming to buy and build to sell as a spec home for a while now," Brett shares. "We were fortunate enough to find a piece of land close by in a coastal town on the central coast." The project kicked off with knocking down the old asbestos cottage to make room for a fresh, contemporary build.

Living in the Heart of the Renovation: While transforming the home, Brett was just a road over in his own house, making the process a blend of professional expertise and personal connection to the project.

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Planning the Coastal Haven: The planning stages involved a keen eye for coastal aesthetics. "Louise, my partner who is an interior design student, and I both scan Insta and Pinterest all the time for fresh inspiration," Brett says. Their vision included the Banksia signature—curves, arches, vaulted ceilings, and plenty of skylights.

Brett and his team at Banksia Lane Homes moved swiftly. "We purchased in Nov '22, started construction in April '23, and wrapped things up towards the end of September '23," he adds.

Brunswick Kit Kat Matte White Tile on the walls and Seaforth Travertine Look Beige Matte Tile on the floor.

"Fortunately, I am a builder, but we do work on multiple sites at the same time," Brett notes when chatting about the balance between career and his own home build.

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Design discussions (and sometimes disagreements) within families are common, but Brett and Louise navigated it smoothly. "There’s always a difference of opinions over selections, but I trust Louise in what she picks, and it always turns out well," Brett chuckles.

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TileCloud Experience: A Seamless Selection: Just like the ease of coastal living, Brett found the ease of selecting tiles with TileCloud. "We actually were able to do the order while on holidays one night after our little girl went to bed."

Advice for First-Time Renovators: "Employ a builder to at least consult with you and to check in with," Brett advises. "You’ll avoid costly mistakes and won’t be turned off by bad reno experiences."

Brunswick Kit Kat Matte White Tile on the walls and Seaforth Travertine Look Beige Matte Tile on the floor.

Trades and Teamwork: Brett and his team handled all of the carpentry aspects, while long-term collaborators took care of plumbing, tiling, and electrical work. "I have had the same team of plumbers, tilers, electrician, etc., for 10 plus years, so we all seem to work well together" he shares.

Brunswick Kit Kat Matte White Tile

And there you have it, a glimpse into the coastal transformation. If this has got you itching to start your own seaside-inspired project, check out our coastal collection to get some ideas for your space. Stay tuned for more renovation stories and design inspiration!


Bridgette Bathgate
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