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BuildHer Collective revealed their beautifully constructed bathroom, featuring our Stirling and Avalon Cement Green tiles. If you do not know who BuildHer Collective are yet, they empower women with the right tools to build the home of their dreams. They do this by offering the right advice, courses, and support. In a nutshell, they are the women who are helping women build.

 buildher collective

​We love how the ladies created a bath seat and shower shelf topped with the Stirling tile!


buildher collective bathroom image

bathroom buildher collective

bathroom buildher collective x tilecloud

buildher collective bathroom reveal

In the latest BuildHer blog article  "11 Budget Bathroom Brainwaves" the ladies share a great tip on choosing tiles, tones and textures:

"Break it up baby. Sometimes it’s great to mix up the tiles. Really you are playing with textures and tones.  Depending on the look you are trying to create mixing handmade textures and varying light and darker tones can be amazing. Be wary of being too cold and clinical with tiles, a little warmth is fantastic.

All of these amazing tiles were supplied by Tile Cloud." - BuildHer Collective.

buildher collective

Head to BuildHer Collective to stay updated with more beautiful projects.

Love this look? Shop the tiles below or get started by ordering a sample of each to your door to match up at home or on-site! 

cement green avalon

redfern tile

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