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Get 10% off tapware when you order tiles and tapware together. Use the code YABBY10 (T&C apply)

10 common mistakes people make when doing a renovation

Layla Sawyer
The reality of a renovation project is very different to what we see on TV.  Renovating your home is a huge task that requires a serious amount of attention to all the details. But, if you set yourself up correctly with a clear plan in mind, you can spare yourself some of the headaches.  Whether you're planning a quick DIY bathroom reno or inviting an army of trades into your home, before jumping straight into renos here are some mistakes you want to try avoid!
1. Starting renovations too soon
If it is possible, live in the house first before you decide to do a complete overhaul to understand the functionality of the home. Take note of where the natural light enters the home, the size of each space, how the space is used day to day, what spaces are not utilised and if there is enough storage. Understanding how the home is used will greatly effect the design outcome.
2. Not having clear intent for the renovation
Is the renovation to make the home more suitable for you and your family? Are you renovating to resell? Wanting to improve the value of your home? Depending on why you want to renovate will affect the design outcome of the home. If you are planning on reselling, you would need to consider who would be buying in that location and how to best design a space for that demographic.
3. Going for the lowest quote
Don’t be too quick to leap into a renovation on the cheapest quote. Cheaper is not always better. Paying more will usually mean you will end up with a contractor that is more experienced and therefore get a better outcome. Get recommendations from friends and family and always check the credentials of anyone you hire.
4. Sticking to a budget
There is no point splurging on expensive tapware if you cannot afford the necessities. Use a document to track expenses and do a breakdown of all your costs. List every expense starting with your quote for labour costs and the necessities to carry out your renovation and work from there. Sneak peak of @Futureflip Waverley Project. Like to see more 😎 #renovationproject #beforeandafter #build #sneakpeak #design #housegoals #fyp #home ♬ original sound - liamfawell
5. Underestimating costs
There are situations in a renovation that ramp up the price! This could be moving plumbing, waterproofing and tiling or complete kitchen rehaul. Get a handful of quotes to work out what labour and materials supplied will costs you. But remember the costliest exercise of a renovation can be a change of mind so planning beforehand is key! 
6. Not making a realistic timeline
Most renos will have some sort of snag along the way, allow time for those mishaps to take place. Sometimes these delays can send your schedule reeling adding days or even weeks to your timeline. Be sure to pad your schedule with a buffer of 20% for dealing with unexpected delays and remember to be patient with the process!
7. Skimping on quality
Allowing for a higher quality product or service within your budget can eliminate earlier wear and tear. Prioritise products and spaces you would use multiple times a day. e.g pick a suitable flooring option that will wear well and stand the test of time! To have the flooring throughout the house replaced can be expensive, so paying for a good quality product to begin with will eliminate the future costs.
8. Not asking enough questions
There’s no such thing as a silly question. There can be a lot of building jargon thrown around a job site so don’t be afraid to have things explained to you. At the end of the day, it’s your money being spent and you should know why and on what.
9. Buying furniture and décor too soon
Throughout the building and renovation process your design vision may change and even the sizes of your space! We recommend holding off buying those furniture and décor items till you can accurately measure the space and make sure it aligns with the feel that you want for the room.
10. DIY when you should leave it to the pros
We love a DIY project, but some things should just be left to the professionals as small errors can cost big bucks! DIY’s you can confidently take on yourself might be painting, flat packs, landscaping, minor demolition, styling and choosing décor and appliances.
Layla Sawyer
Layla is a creative at heart, with an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design and being the Senior Marketing and Ecommerce Coordinator here at TileCloud she has a passion for staying up to date with the latest trends within the industry. Known for going down a rabbit hole on Pinterest and being a sucker for a good mood board to kick off any project.