Book A Design Appointment

We understand choosing tiles can be hard. To make it easy, we offer free design advice.

During your appointment, we can discuss your entire tiling project; the interior design, tile specifications, delivery and match up the perfect tiles for you from our online collection. If you are here because you need advice book an appointment with our design team either via phone or in-store, at a time that suits you.


More about the appointment

How to prepare for your design appointment


Why book in an appointment?

TileCloud has a studio that you are welcome to visit during opening hours. If, however you want to ensure you get a bit of extra love and attention, we highly recommend booking in a time to visit. This is so we can wholeheartedly dedicate one on one time to exploring your ideas and creating something that works for your space and budget, and of course, is something you will love to live with.  



Things to do before coming in


Get inspired!

We want to know what you’re loving! We recommend checking out our collection before coming in and also creating a Pinterest board (if you haven’t already) of inspirational images that you’re instantly drawn to.


When curating Pinterest boards, think about what you like about that image. It may not be the tile, it could be the vanity, the light is drawn into the room or the overall feel the space commands. If you collect enough images a pattern should start to emerge - your underlying design aesthetic. Your favourite components of the images you love will help drive the overall look and feel you are trying to curate and assists us in pulling your tiled spaces together.  



Create a budget


There is nothing worse than falling in love with a tile or overall look that is out of your budget. At TileCloud we have a range of tiles at different price points, helping us to give you some different options that suit your budget without having to compromise the overall look and feel you are creating. 


Before visiting us, think about how much you want to spend on your tiles, factoring in all the other components that make up your room. Also, consider that certain tiles are more labour intensive to lay which can drive your overall project costs up. If you make all these factors more known, we can help direct you to a look that doesn’t push you over your defined budget.



On the day


Who to bring with you


If you are unable to make a design decision alone due to other key decision-makers not being present, or you need to bounce ideas off someone who you value from a design perspective, then it is a good idea to bring them along. It is however not the end of the world if other valued decision-makers cannot attend. We do have a lot of clients visit us solo. We aim to give as much information as needed during your appointment, outlining the details of tiles you are looking to use, along with samples if needed, so you can run through the ideas discussed with others post your appointment for further deliberation and or confirmation. 


If you are looking for reconfirmation on a look you love, and have a clear design direction, or you don’t want too many opinions confusing things, then best come alone. Our design appointments are driven by your needs, be it total assistance on getting a particular look right, or a more hands-off approach with some validation that your ideas are going to work or will work with some tweaking. We are guided by you.



How will your appointment run?


· Our Interior Designer will first start by clarifying the look and feel you are looking to create before fleshing out ideas with some of our range – this could be through a range of images we have to define the design direction or by looking through your Pinterest board to ascertain such.


· Depending on the scope of your project, your appointment may be quick (if you are already pretty set in your selection) or could be longer if it takes a while to lock down specific arrangements of tiles that work for your project or we are helping to specify a whole home.


· We like to give you the bigger picture so we will usually prepare some flat lays incorporating the different surfaces (not just tiles) in your space to help you visualise the final look as one cohesive unit.


· From here you may leave with a clear idea or a few routes you are leading down in your project from a design perspective. If you are time poor or you have locked in your final look, we can assist in measuring up and providing a quote for approval and subsequent ordering.





· Once you are ready to order, you can either request us to prepare an invoice for payment or you can jump online and order directly through our TileCloud site.


· Your order is not locked in and being processed until we receive full payment. We will advise as soon as possible if for some reason your tiles are not in stock or have a longer than 12 day turnaround lead time from order to delivery.


· Once your order is ready for dispatch, you will receive an email from us advising the estimated date of delivery and any tracking advice you will need from dispatch to delivery.



What else to consider


Consider the best time in your project to call in assistance. Sometimes too far out from the start of your project, a full design appointment is not necessary, particularly if you have no idea what you want and are in the scoping out of the ideas phase. Too close to tiling can be problematic too particularly if you have your heart set on design and tiles are not in stock. The best time is once you have your plans, you have some of your surfaces selected or well-considered and you are ready to round off your design with our assistance – all with plenty of time to order before trades are asking for your tiles.