May 09, 2018 4 min read

5 Step Guide Choosing the best bathroom tiles for your bathroom can be very confusing given the breadth of different tile shapes, colours, materials & sizes. There are several factors you need to consider when buying bathroom tiles. We have created a guide to buy the best bathroom tile designs in the below 5 steps.

  1. What bathroom tile size suits your bathroom
  2. What is the best tile shape for your bathroom
  3. Order Samples for tiles before making a final decision
  4. What is the best bathroom tile colours to choose
  5. Determine a budget for your bathroom tiles 

Like many things, you should look to avoid cheap nasty tiles because they typically require replacement in a much shorter time and do not finish your bathroom as nicely as natural stone bathroom tiles or porcelain bathroom tiles


1 - Determine your preferred tile size
One of the most important things to bear in mind when selecting the size of tile is the space of your room and the look you want to create. With the huge amount of tile choices out there for specific room sizes, it’s important you take the time to measure your room and think about the amount of use your bathroom will have and if you are looking for large bathroom tiles or small bathroom tiles.

We have created a short video showing you how to measure your room for tiles.
When it comes to tile dimensions, lets break it into three categories; small, medium and large tiles (remember there’s never a standard tile dimension).
Small tiles, when installed correctly, are said to create order, organisation and bring about a uniform flow in the room. In fact, in the case of bathroom floors, small tiles create a harmonized look in spite of the much more frequent grout lines. The use of neatly ordered grout lines draws the eye around the room and helps create that sense of order. On the other hand, large tiles can also be a perfect choice for small rooms as they can make the room visually bigger. Moreover, with larger tiles, there is far fewer grout lines to worry about lines that break up the flow of the flooring. Large tile tip: always choose a grout colour that is most similar to the colour to the tile.




2 - Determine your preferred bathroom tile shape and pattern

While tile sizes play a vital role in the final look of your bathroom tile design, you need to ensure the shape, size and colour complement each other.

Bathroom Tiles come in different shapes from square to rhombus, from circle to pentagon, from rectangle to hexagon, and many others depending on your preference.
If you prefer large format tiles for your bathroom, you need to also pick a shape that visually creates a bigger room. Large proportionate tile shapes (like rectangles and squares) would be the best choice in this case not only for their tidy appearance, but because they make the floor look streamlined and are easiest to maintain with minimal grout.

Once you have your bathroom measured, narrow down your shape to something that will tie in with the size of the room. Remember, while there are common tile shapes which you will find in most tile stores, often custom shapes can be created too. Don’t be afraid to challenge your tile supplier to come up with something that suits your job perfectly. If you don’t ask, you will never know.






3 - Ask for tile samples before making the final purchase

Tile Cloud has been helping renovators, home owners and builders make the right bathroom tile decisions by providing 5 samples for $5. This is a fantastic way for you to make an educated decision about what tiles you should be choosing for your bathroom. One of the greatest advantage of buying bathroom tiles online is that you can have tile samples sent to you before making the final purchase. Because you have a clear idea of what you want for your bathroom, the samples can help you determine if the type, size, shape and colour of your chosen tiles bring about the look you are trying to create.





4 - Determine your preferred tile colour
Colour can be one of the most important aspects to consider after you’ve selected the right tile sizes and shapes.
Given the tiles in your room will most likely be on the floors and walls for years to come, it is best to strike the right balance between interesting tiles that will add to your décor whilst not going overboard with garish patterns which will only end up detracting. One of the most common trends in toile colour selection is to go for neutral tone for exactly this reason. Various shades of white, grey and beige have been mainstays of the tile colour preference for years past and will likely remain for years to come.

A feature is a feature though – we are continually impressed and amazed at the way in which skilful designers and architects are able to incorporate increasingly bold tile choices into projects and STILL achieve the perfect balance when surrounded by the other elements in the room.




5 - Determine your budget

Budget plays an important part when you decide to buy bathroom tiles online.
With the budget in mind, you can be guided in your decision on the type of tile of your desire; the three main categories being ceramic, porcelain and natural stone.
From the three options, ceramic is typically the least expensive. Even so, porcelain is quickly becoming the most popular choice for bathroom tiles because they are more diverse when it comes to design options and patterns than ceramic tiles.

When it comes to pattern, mother nature trumps them all. Although many porcelain tiles use actual images of natural stone to create their digital artworks, nothing surpasses the diversity and complexity found in the patterns that come in natural stone. Unfortunately, this does however come at a cost. Most high quality natural stone quarries will charge more for their materials that that of ceramic and porcelain tile manufacturers.